Greetings Success,On this occasion, let us PT Agusta Mitra Sukses is a national company engaged in the supply and distribution of construction equipment. PT. AMS has established itself as a distributor company in collaboration with related company partners. From this sector, we serve rental, buying and selling, service, sales of engine spare parts, up to special production according to the order, whether the design is set or we are designing according to market needs. In running a business, PT. AMS has always been committed to the company's vision and mission through innovative and comprehensive methods to get quality, reliable and safe work.During our duties in that field, we have worked closely with contracting companies, Sub-Contractors and individuals. Therefore, we wish to introduce our best service to your company, with the hope of establishing good cooperation in the fulfillment of various units and machine parts that are needed in your company. With the support of competent human resources in their fields, PT. AMS consistently applies efforts to improve productivity that will synergistically improve performance for our customers.